The Inversion Method

Finally, invert with ease!

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The Inversion Method is a six-week online course designed to help pinpoint exactly what YOU need to finally conquer your inversions.


"This course did a great job breaking down how each part of my body plays an important role in my inversions. The easy-to-follow, targeted workouts were not only effective but fun as well!"

Helen Cuadra

Jenni Wei

"I've been paying much more attention to the quality of my inversions, which I used to just rush through. I make an effort to keep my legs straight now." @jenniwei

Kaytlin McCormick

"I used to never be able to invert with straight legs, AT ALL. Now, I can confidently say that I am able to do just that & have eliminated froggy legs out of my routine. Also, I went from doing zero pull-ups to now being able to consecutively do 3!" @kaytnicmcc

Dan Cuadra

The Inversion Method offers some great insight into all the small movements that come together to form a perfect inversion." @lanyardmonkey


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